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About Interstellar Research

For over 35 years Interstellar Research has supplied custom data acquisition hardware and software to leading auditory and neuroscience research institutions, including:

  • The Johns Hopkins University
  • Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center
  • University of Kentucky Medical Center
  • The University of Michigan
  • The University of Oklahoma
  • University of Toronto
  • Wayne State University

In 1989, an intense development effort was begun with the goal of replacing custom systems with a software solution that would utilize inexpensive off-the-shelf hardware, including sound cards.

Our intention was to make powerful data acquisition and real-time analysis available at low cost to many more users, including not only professional and academic reasearch labs, but also individual home and hobby users and students. We wanted the software to be so affordable that cost would not be a barrier to anyone.

We also realized that many users can benefit from advanced techniques that might not be familiar to non-engineers, so we included accessible low-math tutorials on a wide range of relevant topics.

And since manuals are rarely handy when they are needed, we put all the operating and tutorial information into the context-sensitive help system that is always just a click or a keystroke away.

The initial result of all this development was Daqarta for DOS, which made its debut in mid-1997.

DaqGen, the signal generator portion of Daqarta for Windows, was released as freeware in early 2004. Although no longer available separately, it is still available as part of Daqarta, and is still free: The signal generator (and everything other than sound card input channels and Pro features) continues to work after the Daqarta trial period expires, and you are welcome to use it that way for as long as you like.

The first Daqarta for Windows version (3.00) was released in early 2007.



Spectrum Analyzer

Signal Generator

(Absolutely FREE!)


Pitch Tracker


DaqMusiq Generator
(Free Music... Forever!)

Engine Simulator

LCR Meter

Remote Operation

DC Measurements

True RMS Voltmeter

Sound Level Meter

Frequency Counter
    Spectral Event

    MHz Frequencies

Data Logger

Waveform Averager


Post-Stimulus Time
Histogram (PSTH)

THD Meter

IMD Meter

Precision Phase Meter

Pulse Meter

Macro System

Multi-Trace Arrays

Trigger Controls


Spectral Peak Track

Spectrum Limit Testing

Direct-to-Disk Recording



Frequency response

Distortion measurement

Speech and music

Microphone calibration

Loudspeaker test

Auditory phenomena

Musical instrument tuning

Animal sound

Evoked potentials

Rotating machinery


Product test

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