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v11.7.0 Download

(See Revision History for changes from earlier versions.)

Download Daqarta

(DHsetup.EXE, 9,525,604 bytes) will run on all recent 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems, including XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11.

Installation Instructions:

Download either setup file to a temporary directory and then run it. NOTE: This file is digitally signed and certified to be virus-free.

The License page appears first. Please scroll down to read the End-User License Agreement, then keep reading for Default and Custom Installation options. You can preview this information in the Installing Daqarta Help topic here.

IMPORTANT: Daqarta's default installation will work for Admin, User, or Guest accounts under all versions of Windows from XP through Windows 10. You should ordinarily use the default unless you are installing to a removable drive.

The setup will also optionally install Daqarta Start Menu shortcuts and/or a Desktop shortcut with icon. It will not install adware, spyware, or anything else. When the installation is done, you will be asked if you want to view the README.TXT file. That will give you an overview of Daqarta Features and a brief summary of the Getting Started information from the extensive Daqarta Help system.

Then use Daqarta's Start Menu or desktop shortcut icon to run it, which will complete the installation.

NOTE that upgrades should be installed right over any existing version... do not uninstall the old version first. This will preserve any existing work, and your license key (if you have purchased Daqarta ). Trial users will automatically get a full 30-trial/30-day extension.

If you have previously purchased and installed a Daqarta license, but are now migrating to a new system, remember to re-install the original license key after Daqarta is installed. See the Install Daqarta License Key option in the File menu. Lost your key? Contact Us with your name, address, and approximate month and year of purchase so we can retrieve a copy of the original from our files.

You are encouraged to Contact Us to receive Email announcements of new Daqarta releases. Your contact information will never be used for any other purpose.



Spectrum Analyzer

Signal Generator

(Absolutely FREE!)


Pitch Tracker


DaqMusiq Generator
(Free Music... Forever!)

Engine Simulator

LCR Meter

Remote Operation

DC Measurements

True RMS Voltmeter

Sound Level Meter

Frequency Counter
    Spectral Event

    MHz Frequencies

Data Logger

Waveform Averager


Post-Stimulus Time
Histogram (PSTH)

THD Meter

IMD Meter

Precision Phase Meter

Pulse Meter

Macro System

Multi-Trace Arrays

Trigger Controls


Spectral Peak Track

Spectrum Limit Testing

Direct-to-Disk Recording



Frequency response

Distortion measurement

Speech and music

Microphone calibration

Loudspeaker test

Auditory phenomena

Musical instrument tuning

Animal sound

Evoked potentials

Rotating machinery


Product test

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