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JukeBox DaqMusiq Samples

Due to the randomness (and simplicity of the algorithm), a single JukeBox performance produces a wide variation between songs... most are not worth hearing again, but occasionally you may find a "keeper". A "song number" and base pattern length are shown along with the instrument name during the actual DaqMusiq performance, allowing you to repeat the song exactly if you use the song number as the random seed.

Here is an assortment of "singles", with seed number and instrument. Each is about 15 seconds in length (about 20 KB). Please Note: these and the 4-song JukeBox example were recorded with a version that used a fixed 8-note base pattern length. The current version (also used in the Glossy series) uses a random length of 7-11 notes, so it would need a slight modification to get these exact same performances from the given seed numbers.

Play hE5F8A8AB - Choir Aahs
Play h66F5007F - Banjo
Play h730668F7 - FX 5 - Brightness
Play h139664BB - Charang
Play h36C30508 - Synth Pad 4 - Choir
Play h90F36653 - FX 3 - Crystal
Play hF3FB26D7 - Electric Bass - Finger
Play h7CD854B7 - Electric Bass - Pick
Play hEC0D2B97 - FX 7 - Echoes
Play h7BE9139F - Hammond Organ
Play h9EB240C3 - Orchestral Harp
Play hAA6B0287 - Kalimba
Play h5F655F0F - Koto
Play hB6292347 - Marimba
Play h9FE37F4B - Music Box
Play h81CB798B - Synth Pad 1 - New Age
Play h9AA0C2F3 - Synth Pad 1 - New Age
Play h0DF2F0CB - Voice Oohs
Play h543DDE3F - Orchestra Hit
Play h3D67B42B - Percussive Organ
Play h779CA3CB - Pizzicato Strings
Play hEC5AED6F - FX 1 - Rain
Play h27682F48 - Rhodes Piano
Play hA874DB4F - Synth Lead 2 - Sawtooth
Play h427A7247 - Shamisen
Play hC0AA068B - Shanai
Play hF63B2057 - Slap Bass 1
Play h03EBDCE3 - Taiko Drum
Play hC92C966B - Tinkle Bell
Play hACA2F4E7 - Trumpet
Play h43EAAC37 - Woodblock



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