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Playing MIDI Files From Your Browser

Most browsers will allow you to play MIDI files just by clicking on the link. (Opera is a known exception; current versions can't play MIDI files at all.) Some browsers may ask whether you want to open (play) or save the file, and may also allow you to select which media player to use if you have more than one installed.

On Vista and later Windows versions, the media player will pop up and allow you to control the performance (stop, pause, replay, etc). If you exit the player, the performance will stop immediately.

On XP systems the file may start to play, possibly without any media player controls appearing. However, you may not hear anything even with the player volume, or the speaker icon volume in the system tray, all the way up. In this case, right -click the speaker icon and select "Open Volume Control". Then make sure MIDI is unmuted, and adjust its volume as needed in conjunction with Master Volume.

If the file plays but no media player appears, you may be able to stop the playing by clicking the browser's page stop/refresh button.



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Spectral Peak Track

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