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Timing Smooth TC

Controls: Gen Dlg >> Stream >> Smooth TC >> Smooth TC
Macro: TmSmoothTC

Smoothing is a simple low-pass filtering operation that applies a time-weighted average to new and recent data. It is mathematically equivalent to a single-stage resistor-capacitor (RC) filter. You can set the Time Constant (TC) in either samples or seconds depending upon the state of the Samples/Seconds button.

As with a real RC filter, the output of the smoothing function exponentially approaches the average value of the input. It is mainly intended for smoothing the Slow or Step outputs, but it can in fact be used as a low-pass filter in Spec mode as well. When the TC value is much higher than the Slow Factor or Step Size (or much higher than 1 for Spec mode), there will be a large reduction in the output amplitude. This is normal for a low-pass filter since the average value tends toward a constant, usually zero with normal bipolar signals.

For Slow mode, try setting the TC to the same value in samples as the Slow factor. In Step mode, you will probably want a much smaller TC (if you want one at all) just to round off the sharp corners of step transitions.

Macro Notes:

L.1.TmSmoothTC=10 directly sets the Left Stream 1 Smooth TC to 10. L.1.TmSmoothTC=>1 increments the current value by one, and L.1.TmSmoothTC=>-1 decrements it by one. Only +/-1 step is accepted.

Note that the value you provide must reflect the current Smpl/sec state. If you use 10 in sec mode it will be interpreted as 10 seconds; if you use 10m in Smpl mode it will be interpreted as 0.010 sample and rounded to zero. To be safe, use a SmplSec command to set the desired mode before using this command.

See also Random / Step Timing Dialog, Waveform Stream Controls


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