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Spectrum Analyzer

Signal Generator

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Pitch Tracker


DaqMusiq Generator
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Engine Simulator

LCR Meter

Remote Operation

DC Measurements

True RMS Voltmeter

Sound Level Meter

Frequency Counter
    Spectral Event

    MHz Frequencies

Data Logger

Waveform Averager


Post-Stimulus Time
Histogram (PSTH)

THD Meter

IMD Meter

Precision Phase Meter

Pulse Meter

Macro System

Multi-Trace Arrays

Trigger Controls


Spectral Peak Track

Spectrum Limit Testing

Direct-to-Disk Recording



Frequency response

Distortion measurement

Speech and music

Microphone calibration

Loudspeaker test

Auditory phenomena

Musical instrument tuning

Animal sound

Evoked potentials

Rotating machinery


Product test

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Revision History - v6.00

Daqarta v6.00.1 - 4 January 2011

Bug Fix: Opening context Help overwrote Notes with test code.

Daqarta v6.00 - 1 January 2011

New Remote Control options allow running Daqarta Macros, or defining new ones, from an external program. Example and test programs included, with source code.

Certain Macro commands now accept string expressions that contain multiple items, including variables. Allowed with any command that specifies a file name, plus Notes, Labels, Fields, and LogTxt. Notes and LogTxt also accept formatting commands.

New LogTxt macro allows creation of custom reports or continuous data logging. Can use string variables to record values that don't otherwise appear on a Daqarta trace, such as Freq to read the Frequency Counter, Volts for the Voltmeter, or SPL for the Sound Level Meter. Can be invoked via Remote Control.

Macro Variables now support 4-character strings (like "PASS" and "FAIL") that can be used as variables in string expressions.

New A: command line parameter allows arbitrary auto-run macro ID instead of default '!'. Allows starting Daqarta for different test setups from separate desktop icons, or via batch file command.

New Sample Rate Select dialog supports sample rates up to 192000 Hz, manual Sample Rate Adjust now allows up to 262144 Hz. Generator frequencies (modulator frequencies as well as main Tone Frequencies) can now be set as high as 131072 Hz.

New Slow controls in X-Axis Dialog support slow input sample rates (down to one sample per day or slower) via Decimation, while maintaining full output sample rates for high-frequency stimulus generation. Allows slow scroll rates for chart recorder display of DC signals like temperature and pressure.

Low-Frequency Response Via Decimation topic added to Help.

Envelope mode shows maximum and minimum waveform value during each effective Decimate sample period.

Demodulate and Signed Decimate modes allow standard sound cards to record DC signals using External DC-to-AC Modulator circuit under new DC Measurement topic. Sound Card DC Input Modification allows DC inputs with full high frequency response.

New Decimate Lock option in DDisk Controls dialog allows DDisk recording to save decimated data instead of raw.

Zero dialog now has independent Screen Zero and Data Zero controls, including Average, Peak, and new Manual mode with individual channel settings to support DC measurement systems. Histogram and PSTH averages apply Manual Zero if active.

Expanded coverage of Creating Pulse-Train Arbs Help topic for creation of Crank/Cam Sensor Simulator setups, with easily-modified examples included with Daqarta.

New X0=0 MIDI Changes script command toggles Pitch-to-MIDI off, allowing a script to turn itself off at the end of a performance.

New U0-U9 and UA-UZ macros allow macro code to control MIDI Changes Script User Variables of the same name during Pitch-to-MIDI performance.

Full-Scale Range, External Gain, and User Units dialogs now show lines disabled if not Auto-Calibrated.

Bug Fix: Possible crash if Generator Burst toggled off when Train/Burst sync active in Gen Sync Trigger mode.

Bug Fix: When viewing 4-channel (2 in, 2 out) DDisk files, Trigger Source control did not select proper trigger channel.

Bug Fix: Macro IF statement could give reversed logic result.

Bug Fix: Possible crash when using Macro IF statement to test main Tone Frequency (IF.ToneFreq=).

Bug Fix: .DQA files of Exponential, Histogram, or PSTH wave averages were shown as Linear, with wrong scaling.

Bug Fix: .TXT files of Histogram or PSTH wave averages were not saved properly.

Bug Fix: Voltmeter showed garbage in Exponential, Histogram, and PSTH wave average modes.

Bug Fix: Bad Y-axis labels with Spectrogram and eXpand active at very low sample rates.

Bug Fix: Possible bad X-axis labels with eXpand active using negative Trigger Delay.

Bug Fix: CPM Spectrum mode not properly supported for TXT file output.

Bug Fix: Zero adjustment was not included at very high waveform magnification.

Bug Fix: Spectrum Limits curves did not properly accommodate sample rate changes.

Bug Fix: Trigger Hysteresis did not work properly if a channel was inverted (via negative Full-Scale Range or External Gain).

Bug Fix: Trigger Single mode was not properly re-arming on unPause.

Bug Fix: PSTH Threshold value did not match actual threshold used to compute PSTH.

Bug Fix: DDisk file saved with Gen Sync active did not allow change to another trigger mode on later open.

Bug Fix: Gen Sync trigger mode stalled on unPause when using modulator sync source.

Bug Fix: .DQA files saved with Generator Dual or Solo modes active would not open properly.

Bug Fix: At very low sample rates in Pitch Track mode, a negative octave number was shown as a large positive octave. Negative MIDI numbers were shown as '00' instead of proper value in red. Also, pitch trace near top of display could vanish.

Bug Fix: Pitch Hysteresis setting could be incorrect under some conditions.

Bug Fix: Nested loops in MIDI Changes script caused error message unless there was an explicit Wait just before the outer loop end.

Bug Fix: DaqMusiq macro (F8, d) did not work properly if User Units were active. Macro now forces User Units off.


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