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Revision History - v7.20

Daqarta v7.21 - 14 January 2013

Copy operations for MIDI buffers now allow copying between buffers and Velocity, Note, or Chord Patterns. A MIDI Changes script can now copy a pattern to a buffer and later copy back to the pattern to repeat the original.

DaqMusiq setups GlossyFishSticks and GlossyFishBones now incorporate the above copy capability to allow Theme Pattern Repeat, with controllable probability.

Bug Fix: Some Copy operations for MIDI buffers could use the wrong source buffer.

Bug Fix: Using MIDI Buffer Fill or copy operations to fill a Note Pattern could result in some notes replaced with unintended note-off code.

Daqarta v7.20.1 - 22 December 2012

Bug Fix: Pulse Meter mini-app did not launch properly on fast systems. Also, Generator is now toggled off automatically on close.

Bug Fix: Arbitrary Random Distribution mini-app could fail to launch on Vista/Win7 systems.

Daqarta v7.20 - 21 December 2012

New Pulse Meter macro mini-app measures pulse width, duty cycle, and frequency on up to 4 channels simultaneously, with color-coded custom meter displays and optional data logging.

New Edge/Event/Trigger Detection macro array buffer operations allow pulse width measurements and event timing.

New Integral (Buf0="<I") and Derivative (Buf0="<D") Macro Array Math Operations added. Derivative is especially useful for AC-coupled pulse waveforms edges.

New MtrV allows variable Custom Meter operations by first setting channel Ch to desired meter number 0-3. Useful when a macro is to be called as a function or subroutine which must update an arbitrary meter.

New Mtr0?O query returns the number of Custom Meters open, allowing a multitasking macro to uninstall itself when the last meter has been closed.

Custom Meter titles now accept string expressions.

Reading Trigger Source, for example via UA=TrigSrc, now returns the actual source in use. UA=TrigSrc?B returns the button selection (which is overridden if that source is not available).

New Miscellaneous Position read-only macro Posn?D returns the display start absolute sample number. Posn?d returns the Trigger absolute sample, interpolated to the effective exact Trigger Level fractional sample.

S=SmplRate?X sets S to the effective sample rate, which is the actual rate divided by the Decimate Factor if Decimate is active.

Enhanced GlossyFish.DQM now includes random Note Lag on each voice for a more realistic performance, so every instrument is not exactly "on the beat"

New DaqMusiq MIDI setups: GlossySticks and GlossyBones apply the GlossyFish "jam session" approach to percussion, using 2 different strategies. GlossyFishSticks.DQM and GlossyFishBones are like GlossyFish plus the above percusion. AirBand and AirGuitar are like PhrygidBlueJam (which now includes percussion) but with voice and hot-key control.

Percussion Instruments are now shown as vertical lines on the main real-time Pitch Track display, with colors according to Pitch Display settings for Instrument, Velocity, Level, or Voice.

Former 2-state (0,1 only) MIDI variables U0-U9 are now full signed integers capable of -2147483648 to +2147483647 (+/- 2^31) range, as they already were when used as macro variables. (You can still get a 2-state result via logical AND with 1, as in U0&&1.)

Added 'Q'-type MIDI User Variables Q0-Q9 and QA-QZ (signed integers) plus Qa-Qz (unsigned fixed-point reals) to complement existing 'U'-type. Can also be used by macros.

MIDI Changes script changes to Percussion Instruments are now displayed in real-time with name and number if the Percussion dialog is open.

MIDI Buffer Velocity and Chord Maps now allow up to 32 characters, in a more user-friendly format.

MIDI Note Lag and Percussion Lag commands now use gv=n format instead of lv=n, since lowercase 'l' was easily confused with uppercase 'I' in the Changes script. ('l' is still supported, but deprecated.)

The above Note Lag and Percussion Lag commands now cause changed values to be shown on their respective controls.

Note Lag and Percussion Lag are now accurately reflected by the position of horizontal note or vertical percussion lines on the main real-time Pitch Track display.

New MIDI Changes script read-only variable mB returns Pitch-to-MIDI elapsed beats, to complement existing mT which reads elapsed milliseconds.

Most MIDI Changes script commands now allow setting all voices to the same value with a single command. Tonal voices 1-8 use "voice" 9, as in S9=US to set Scales S1 through S8 to the value of US. Non-tonal Percussion voices A-F use G, as in gG=1 to set Percussion Lags gA through gF to 1.

MIDI Percussion Changes scripts now run before Voice 1-8 scripts, allowing Percussion scripts to handle hot-keys that affect Voices 1-8 on the same beat.

MIDI Changes script maximum size doubled to 4095 characters for each script.

MIDI Output Display now allows quoted text plus a variable, as in oL="Octave "+UO shown as integer, or oLO="Octave "+UO shown as "ON" or "OFF".

Bug Fix: Nesting macro IF statements at the maximum depth of 4 below the outer IF caused Daqarta to crash.

Bug Fix: Underscore within quoted macro string improperly handled as line continuation, caused error message or even Daqarta crash.

Bug Fix: When a Generator stream used Play Wave mode to play a file, the Play Rate (Tone Freq) control did not work properly.

Bug Fix: LogTxt output using string expressions with column ('p') formatting like LogTxt=p10 + A did not continue properly from the final column of the prior write.

Bug Fix: Custom title for Mtr0 Custom Meter could be erroneously reset to default "Meter 0".

Bug Fix: Unsigned MIDI variables Ua-z could be decremented below zero, returning maximum-positive values.

Bug Fix: Toggling MIDI instruments or changing patterns during a performance could cause stuck notes, missing voices, or partial restarts without resetting the elapsed time.

Bug Fix: MIDI Sustain characters '_' or '=' in a Percussion Velocity Pattern were not handled properly, could give unpredictable results.

Bug Fix: Using Note Lag with non-arpeggiated chords worked during performance, but MIDI recording hung on playback.

Bug Fix: Initial Spectrogram Pitch Track key colors showed erroneous Red, Green, Blue values.

Bug Fix: Closing Pitch-to-MIDI dialog failed to automatically close open floating Changes script.

Bug Fix: With Pitch Display in Level mode, the color squares in the Pitch-to-MIDI dialog actually showed Instrument colors for all but the top voice.

Bug Fix: MIDI Changes script Arpeggio commands (Av=n) failed.

Bug Fix: MIDI Changes script Pan Position commands (Pv=n) gave erratic pan positions.

Bug Fix: Closing and re-opening Pitch-to-MIDI dialog during performance did not restore output display readouts at bottom of dialog.

Bug Fix: MIDI Changes script expressions using logical AND (&&), OR (||), and XOR (##) did not give proper results.

Bug Fix: MIDI Changes scripts with IF statements containing embedded IFs could allow commands after the embedded IF to run even if the main IF failed.

Bug Fix: MIDI Changes script IF statements with comment lines in "true" branch caused ELSE branch to be skipped.

Bug Fix: MIDI Changes script extended comments could cause program to crash if no terminator line was found.

Buf Fix Normal non-extended MIDI Changes comments at the end of an active line could be mistaken for extended comments if they happened to have a '+' right after the comment semicolon.

Bug Fix: MIDI Record button was not toggled off if recording was ended by toggling Pitch-to-MIDI On/Off button instead of Record.

Bug Fix: MIDI Record elapsed time is now cleared if Delete is chosen at end of recording, or else when Pitch-to-MIDI On/Off is next toggled on.


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