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Cowboy.DQM MIDI Setup

When this setup is loaded, right-clicking on the Pitch-to-MIDI title bar or any non-control portion of the dialog will open Help at this topic.

Cowboy.DQM uses Acoustic Grand Piano (0) on Voice 3 for lead, Acoustic Guitar - Nylon (24) on Voice 2 for rhythm, and Tremolo Strings (44) on Voice 1 for background (under Changes script control). It also uses the Percussion voice with Side Stick (37) and Acoustic Snare (38). Unlike many of the setups here, there is no Pan Scan (but feel free to experiment).

Tempo is 180 BPM, and Track Min-Max is 100-2500 Hz. The Piano and Guitar voices have Scale set to Blues Major, while the Strings voice uses Pentatonic Major.

This setup is intended for DaqMusiq use. It's possible to use it with KaleidoSynth, but it may have too many simple alternating note patterns, or produce occasional runs of several identical notes.

The Piano voice uses a Velocity Pattern of '8888' for 4 beats per measure. It does not use a Chord Pattern. Range Fit is used with a Range of 0-70. Note Lag is set to 1.

The Guitar voice Note Pattern holds a standard Blues progression: 'CCCCFFCCGFCC'. Pattern Key is set to 48 (C3) instead of the default 60 (C4). For each of these notes, the Velocity Pattern holds '8' and the Chord Pattern holds 'M' for a Major chord. Hold Beats is set to 4, so each chord is held for a 4-beat measure.

The Percussion instruments have Velocity Patterns of '88006600' for Side Stick and '00880066' for Acoustic Snare, giving two strong beats of one followed by two of the other, then two softer beats of the first followed by two soft beats of the second.

Voice 1 (Tremolo Strings) is controlled by the simple Changes script (with comment added here):

W=48 X1=x ;Wait 48 beats, toggle Voice 1

Voice 1 is off by default, but every 48 beats it is toggled to the opposite state. This provides a high strings background on alternating 12-measure periods, to add interest.

Note that this script is in Voice 1, yet it toggles Voice 1 off and on; the script still runs even when the voice itself is off.

If you click on the Percussion button to open its dialog, then click on the Changes button at the bottom, it will enable this little script (visible via the Float button):


This runs on every beat, and looks at the current vertical and horizontal mouse positions to dynamically select replacements for the Guitar on Voice 2 and the Piano on Voice 3. This script runs concurrently with the Voice 1 script that toggles the Tremolo Strings every 48 beats.

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